Citizen Community Trainers

The following people have completed an intensive trainers' workshop, and are certified as proficient in the principles of cognitive framing and effectively communicating progressive values. They are available to provide support to grassroots progressive organizations and campaigns.

Jeff Childers

Greetings! I've become active in our local political processes since 2014 and joined up with Frame4Future to seek better means to reach people. These tools are meant to break down barriers, finding avenues to communicate policy that raises up all people to live, to be, on equal terms.

As a member of a Fortune 50 company, things can get political without politics so finding common grounds for discussion that don't raise defensive postures proves to be a considerable asset in more arenas every day.

My most recent political foray for city council presented many challenges but I remain intent on my path to find a position of service for my community and share any knowledge I can moving forward with like-minded activists across TX. As a resident of Tarrant county, wins here could well prove to be the catalyst for statewide changes we sorely need.


Framing Forward for the Future,

Jeff Childers

Hurst, TX

Bill Dagnon

Bill Dagnon was born and raised in God's country, Crawford County Wisconsin. He is now a semi-retired school library media specialist working part time in tourism. Bill started a letter writer's groups in Sauk County many years ago, and the group has written hundreds of letters. He now is interested in recovering America's positive, progressive, nurturant spirit that seems to have been lost in the recent past.

Bill Earley

Racine WI -

Bill is in Southeast Wisconsin, a member of Blue Jean Nation, WI United to Amend and WI Grassroots Network.  Bill lives in Racine.

Karen Edson

Karen is from the Wisconsin Grassroots Network and lives in DeForest, WI.

Don Ferber

I am an Illinois transplant who moved to Madison in 1974 and have been here ever since. Pretty much retired, I spend most of my time volunteering for environmental organizations, in particular the Sierra Club of which I am currently the state chair and also lead volunteer for the Wisconsin Beyond Coal Campaign. I am concerned not only for the state of our environment and planet, but for our democracy. I not only do not share an authoritarian view of the world, I regard the current political polarization as counterproductive to good public decision-making, providing equity, and creating a sustainable future.

Mark Fuller

I am presently a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin – Rock County located in Janesville. I have been teaching there since 1991.  I have also been the Chair of the Democratic Party of Rock County for the past three years. I was born in Los Angeles, California. I’m fortunate that due to an itinerant life, my education has taken place in several different countries, including Switzerland and Germany. I’m interested in logic, philosophy, abstract algebra, pedagogy, the Rojava Revolution (as well as direct democracy in general), brain science and the art of listening. I’m concerned about protecting our neighbors, protecting our environment, investing in our public schools, educating people about the community strength of healthy diversity, and making sure that the seventh generation shall have the same opportunities that we had.

Greg Head

Greg is in Western Wisconsin.

Sue Hopfensberger

Appleton WI -

Sue is in the Fox Valley area in Wisconsin, and is an active advocate for public schools.

Mary Jarvis

Wausau WI -

Mary Jarvis is active with the WEAC retired educators' public education advocacy efforts in North Central Wisconsin and beyond.

Connie Kanitz

Menasha WI -

"I live in Menasha in the Fox Cities.   I am retired, with a history of caregiver and volunteer work.  My current community building and social justice work is through ESTHER, an affiliate of WISDOM, a statewide interfaith social justice organization, the League of Women Voters-Winnebago County, Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Appleton, and the newly developed Northeast WI cooperative of Citizen Action.  Participating in Scott's webinars over the past year has strengthened my commitment to sharing effective messaging so citizens can work with our government officials to create a network of responsible public policies to protect and empower one another in our local and global communities."

Ralph Knudson

La Crosse WI -

"I'm a retired family practice doc (2 years out), age 70 and live in La Crosse.  Moved here from Tomah/Warrens (very red area) where I had practiced with Gundersen in a clinic there. Had lots of exposure to poor, conservative patients and pretty conservative neighbors while there.  Worked with neighbors (all libertarian or GOP) to block a sand mine by developing local ordinances..interesting local government dynamics.  Since move here, involved with La Crosse environmental/rail safety local groups, but just now joined Dems officially. Now on "renewed"Dem party events/ outreach committee to engage more with conservative rural and disengaged urban folks among others.  My focus is re: ACA.  Hope to develop outreach listening sessions to hear commoner's hopes, likes, dislikes, concerns, etc.. as ACA repeal/replace debacle continues to unfold.  This will require active listening, training of people to do this, and basic expertise/understanding of ACA.. plus ability to re-frame in positive Progressive terms of vision.  Just starting with this and hope to introduce Frame 4 Future to key folks in Dems to get groundwork understood and hopefully impact local Dem"s ongoing strategy.   I've never done this before, but did have prior experience doing active listening training and some organizational consulting back in the 80' part of a training grant and then a short-lived training company in Seattle."

Carol Lenz

Appleton WI -

Carol lives in Appleton and spent 39 years teaching band, mostly in the public schools. She has been active in writing Letters-to-the-Editor for several years now. Carol has written about the non-partisan issues of public education, gun violence, worker rights and good government, "If I can do it, anyone can!"

Tom McCann

Madison WI -

Tom McCann is on the communications team for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in Madison.

Phil Nolan

Waupaca WI -

Phil is active in progressive values advocacy in Central Wisconsin.

Karen Siegel

Milwaukee WI -

Gail Stallings

Florida -

Sara Stangler

Green Bay WI -

Sara Stangler is the WEAC Uniserve Director in Green Bay, WI.

Mark Taylor

Viroqua WI -

Mark Taylor is a former public school teacher, journalist and current psychotherapist. He is also founder and editor of, a progressive web site where you can find his "Lines of Resistance" political cartoons, which are available for free use by progressive groups. Mark believes language has the potential to both elevate and destroy the vital public discourse a democracy depends upon. He sees effective framing as a critical skill in protecting our democracy.

Dan Weidner

Shawano WI -

In addition to being a retired science educator, Dan is the First Vice Chair of the Shawano County Democratic Party. 

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