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In early 2012, Scott began working and studying with Dr. George Lakoff (University of California – Berkeley) to apply Lakoff’s cognitive science and linguistics research to the public policy debate in Wisconsin. Scott has engaged directly with grassroots organizations, progressive 501c3 organizations, political campaigns, and legislators in Wisconsin, around the nation, and Australia. Most recently, he served as campaign adviser to the McCabe for Governor and Kober for Lt. Governor campaigns.

In addition to his cognitive framing work, Scott authored 3 significant education studies as former Chair and Research Director of Wisconsin's Forward Institute: "Wisconsin School Report Card Study 2012,” "Wisconsin Budget Policy and Poverty in Public Education,” and “Habitual Truancy and School Report Cards in Milwaukee.”

Research on Public Education Funding in Wisconsin continues to be a priority, and Scott continues his work with the Association for Equity in Funding. Published studies include “Segregation of Opportunity: Education Funding,” and “Wisconsin School Funding and Student Outcome: Systemic Roadblock to Opportunity.” A study to determine "adequacy" in school funding will be released in the Fall of 2018.

To date, Scott has trained hundreds of people to begin effectively communicate progressive values, and is currently working with a multitude of organizations and campaigns nationwide from his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.


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Scott Wittkopf

Madison, Wisconsin

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