Everyone has the power to provide hope

Every person can provide HOPE in their community by effectively harnessing and understanding the power of the cognitive unconscious through framing. Contact Scott today for more information, consulting services, and scheduling requests!


In person or online, first time "framer" or expert in communications - I will provide a workshop or webinar for your organization or grassroots group that will help you start communicating a more positive, progressive vision.


Workshops and Webinars are led by Scott Wittkopf, based on the science of Dr. George Lakoff and others, as applied to current political and public discourse. You will learn about the science of the mind and how it applies to effective communications. Learn and practice the difference between the dominant conservative frame, and the progressive frame - and how they result in differing views of democracy.


Most importantly, I will plan the workshop/webinar specific to your needs. You will learn how to effectively pivot the frame on any issue, and create positive, proactive, progressive messaging that resonates across issues and constituencies. 


For more information on Workshops/Webinars:






Private Consulting Services


Be bold. Challenge the status quo. Provide a positive, proactive, hopeful, and consistent progressive message that reinforces YOUR values, not your opponents.


I provide resources and advice to ensure that you reach beyond the partisan divide and bring people together through shared community values.


I provide the authentic cognitive framing to provide critical (often missing from politics) context for your issue platform.


Whether you are running for US Senate, State Assembly, Mayor, or a Grassroots Campaign, I provide you with the difference - thinking outside the box with authentic framing.


Campaigns are not eligible for the Progressive Messaging Subscription Service pricing.


For specific details, please contact Scott Wittkopf directly:





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