Daily Dose: What Houston exposes about the current (and temporary) occupant of the White House

August 30, 2017

The current (and temporary) occupant of the White House showed his true values, as he always does, in unscripted comments during the Houston press briefing Tuesday. Unlike following a scripted speech or teleprompter, his authentic self came through during the briefing. And every Democrat and progressive needs to communicate what his words expose about his values to everyone. Simply put, the current occupant of the White House does not share the values of the people of Houston, or the people of this country.


As I've written and discussed at length over the years, the vast majority of people understand, feel, and have the capacity to act on and through empathy (caring for others) - the core progressive value. In his visit to the hurricane-ravaged Houston area during an emergency services press briefing, even the media noticed that DT "keeps the focus on himself."


Every remark made off-the-cuff by DT showed his extreme lack of empathy (unlike the majority of people). More importantly, they demonstrated his extreme selfishness in a crisis where the vast majority of people were so concerned about the well-being of others, they sacrificed their own comfort and safety to help. Aside from the fact that he never once expressed concern or remorse for those affected by the storm, here are some of the key statements from his unscripted remarks (critical framing phrases in italics, my comments in parentheses):


“I just want to say: We love you. You are special. . . . What a crowd. What a turnout.” (As in, "what a turnout to see me.")


From Twitter: “125 MPH winds!”“Record setting rainfall,” “The world is watching!” “Wow — Now experts are calling #Harvey a once in 500 year flood!” (Each of these has the cognitive effect of saying, "everyone will watch and be so impressed with ME)


“I’ve heard the words, ‘epic.’ I’ve heard ‘historic.’ That’s what it is,” he said, adding that the hurricane will make Texas stronger and the rebuilding effort “will be something very special.” (Again, this is cognitively saying, "watch how special and great people will think I am based on my leadership)


“And we won’t say congratulations. We don’t want to do that. We don’t want to congratulate. We’ll congratulate each other when it’s all finished.” (Again, this is all about how HE will be viewed as a great leader)


It's important to note that only AFTER he was called out for a lack of empathy, that DT tweeted out a somewhat sympathetic (but obviously scripted and NOT empathetic) statement about his "heart going out...to the great people of Texas."


It's like a child getting caught forgetting to thank a relative for a birthday present..."oh, yeah, thanks." In the unscripted, off-the-cuff comments we see his real values come through - and they stand in direct opposition to the empathy being shown by the vast majority of people on a daily basis.


That's exactly what Democrats and progressives should be calling out - the current (and temporary) occupant of the White House doesn't share our values as a people. In fact, he betrays them time and time again. Acting, speaking, and caring only for himself, even in a time of crisis.


We are more prosperous, and have stronger and healthier communities when we come together to care for our family, friends, and neighbors. Those are the same values our government ought to have, and the people we elect to serve us.  You will find very few people who don't believe in that statement. Unfortunately, the sociopath in the White House is one person who cannot authentically comprehend the values behind that statement. He showed that to be true on Tuesday.


Tomorrow - back on schedule with Democratic Fundraising letters!


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