Daily Dose: Bringing people together through progressive values

October 18, 2017

Yesterday, I discussed how Walker is up to his same old "divide and conquer" strategy as laid out by one of many conservative think tanks and their dissemination network. How do we avoid reinforcing Walker's powerful ideas that can have a cognitive effect on people, while we evoke ideas that are more progressive? 


It's fundamentally a matter of communicating what the truth is, and how that truth requires us to act with and on empathy. Here's how.


While Walker and conservatives are trying to make a false equivalency and "salient exemplar" cognitive state take hold, we can counter it by communicating the truth - reality. And reality is that the world is systemic and complex. 


First, we must communicate that everyone in this country has the freedom to think and speak out when they believe that injustice exists, and that people's freedom is being impeded. Most importantly, our government and elected leaders have a moral responsibility to protect and empower this freedom of speech for everyone. Even if we dissent or disagree, this freedom is at the core of this nation. 


It then follows that every person, in every family, ought to live a life free from fear of being abused or harmed by another person - especially from within their family.  Again, our government and elected officials have a moral responsibility to protect and empower people to be free from domestic violence. 


The two issues are part of the same freedom and moral responsibility message - as we would want for ourselves, we have a responsibility to provide others through our government. Our values, our elected leaders, our government. With a cognitive message such as the above, the "divide and conquer" strategy loses its power over people. Because your brain won't let you think only of yourself, or one specific group you identify with IF you are thinking about caring for others through empathy.


Love conquers hate; hope overcomes fear. And empathy inhibits greed and self-interest. This is how progressives win.



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