Daily Dose: A well-framed campaign ad with a great message...guess who?

October 19, 2017

There have been a lot of requests from people (both subscribers and non-subscribers) who want me to post political campaign ads that contain examples of effective framing (values evoking) and a message with a positive vision for the future. As I've shown before, we know from research in both cognitive science and psychology that these types of communications are the most effective in motivating people to act.


So here is an ad that is very recent. And I have a challenge for all of you who are subscribers, are well-versed in identifying frames, and the values-based ideas they evoke. The challenge is for all of you to set aside your knee-jerk, emotional response to this politician, and see/hear this ad for what it is, and more importantly, WHY it is such a great example of framing and messaging - even if it is conservative. Don't get caught up in factual inaccuracies, since we KNOW that is not what inspires people to vote for (or against) someone. Pay attention to the framing, values, and imagery.


After you watch the ad, I ask you to take a moment and comment below on this blog about what you heard and saw - what did YOU see/hear that is good framing? What is it saying in the conservative frame? Most importantly - WHY is this such an effective ad? Here is the one minute video:


 I look forward to reading your thoughts, so please take a moment to share them! They are important, since it will take many of us recognizing these powerful framing /metaphorical ideas to call them out and provide an effective counter for progressives.


That's for tomorrow - how do we pivot the frame, and provide people with a BETTER vision and message than this? Stay tuned...

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